New Year, New Website, New . . .

. . . Book? (Well, almost. . . )

I’ve written 48 chapters of the sequel to A Moment of Time but still have a ways to go before it’s finished.

The sequel picks up where the first book left off. Caitlin is headed to Los Angeles and she stops in Santa Fe to see Melody—and ends up staying for a while. (Yes, Lucky the Cat is with her! I loved the final line of Jean Gill’s review of A Moment of Time: “A book to read and re-read, if only to fully appreciate the kitten.”)

I was sorry to see my old website go; it served me well for 7 years. Time for a change, though the new site will be “in progress” for a while.

Stay tuned for further updates, and have a fabulous 2019!



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4 comments on “New Year, New Website, New . . .
  1. jeangill says:

    Happy New Year – I look forward to Book 2!

    Regards, Jean                

  2. Judith Poorbaugh says:

    Happy 2019!!

  3. How exciting to be finishing your next book, Jilaine. I too, will be publishing my second this year. May this year be absolutely exciting for you!

  4. Sounds like yours may be done before mine. All the best!

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