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As I mentioned in my last post, A Moment of Time is coming out as a series of ebooks. Part Two (“Becoming”) is now available (on amazon kindle only*).

Part Two is the longest of the seven parts. It’s where we see “lawyer Caitlin” at work on a case for the Department of Justice.

Way back (20 years ago) when I was writing the story as a screenplay, I was looking for a legal matter that Caitlin and Neil would disagree upon—an opportunity for Caitlin to “take a stand,” even if it costs her her job. I had already written about a (minor) autistic character (Marvin) when I happened upon the thimerosal controversy that parents of autistic children were asking experts about. (“Could vaccines have caused my child’s autism?”)

The controversy concerned a narrow topic (a preservative, versus “vaccines” generally), and I was already familiar with the views of many holistic dentists that the mercury contained in the silver (amalgam) fillings used in mainstream dentistry could create health problems for some people. (Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative.)

A congressional committee held a series of hearings investigating mercury, thimerosal, and vaccines, and I read the testimony of parents, researchers, and government officials. Still, most people had never heard of thimerosal—until the Homeland Security Act of 2002 was enacted into law.

The Act created a new Department of Homeland Security, and a last-minute provision** was added by an unknown member of Congress.

The provision was designed to protect the maker of thimerosal (Eli Lilly and Company) from liability, along with any manufacturer that produced vaccines containing thimerosal. Questions about who added it to the Act quickly started circulating. Suddenly, thimerosal was a hot topic!

But, because I decided to turn the story into a novel (and in the novel I added information about religion and the early history of Christianity – more research!), thimerosal seemed like old news by the time A Moment of Time was (finally!) published in September 2014.

Except that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. came out with his book (Let the Science Speak) about the dangers of thimerosal in August 2014.

And now, early in 2021, we have new vaccines rolling out worldwide, and a number of people have experienced reactions to them. Some experts think the problem may lie with one of the ingredients.

As for Part Two—look for it on Amazon and decide for yourself what you think!

* Read free if you belong to Kindle Unlimited!

**The “Lilly rider” was repealed in 2003










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