A Moment of Time ~ A Novel

A MOMENT OF TIME-cover (518x800)

When 32-year-old attorney Caitlin Rose visits Ireland in the summer of 1996, she expects to learn about her family’s history and see a few sights with her unconventional pal, Kimo. On a hike to the Shannon Pot, however, Caitlin and Kimo encounter a strange group and participate in a solstice ritual. Caitlin experiences visions during the ceremony, but she does not dare discuss them with Kimo, or anyone. She travels to London, where she meets a handsome artist named Dru and puts aside thoughts about the Shannon Pot.

Imagining a possible future with Dru, Caitlin plans to resign from her job with the U.S. Department of Justice when she returns to Washington. Her boss, Neil Morton, persuades her to reconsider, and then instructs her to seek dismissal of a controversial class action lawsuit concerning a vaccine preservative (thimerosal). When Caitlin refuses, Neil fears that she knows about his lobbying efforts to limit the liability of manufacturers for damages caused by adverse reactions to vaccines. He calls upon Sam Burns to investigate—with unexpected consequences for everyone involved.

A story about finding your voice, speaking your truth, and following your dreams, A Moment of Time explores the soul’s journey through time and portrays one woman’s quest for meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

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