Educational Resources

Learn more about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and the “Vaccine Court”:

The American Nurses Association (ANA) “has not drawn conclusions” about a link between thimerosal and autism:

Marian Condon, MS, RN, “Precautionary approach guides ANA’s thimerosal policy,” American Nurse Today (February 2007), p. 51:

 “It’s reasonable to use a precautionary approach when a biological plausibility exists that an activity presents a threat to human health, when scientific uncertainty about the effects of the activity exist, and when safer alternatives are available. [Thimerosal-containing vaccines] meet the criteria. . . .”

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“The majority of the Orthodox churches worldwide use the Julian calendar. . .”

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The Shannon Pot was traditionally considered to be the source of the Shannon River, but this video indicates otherwise:

The Shannon Pot was much more rustic when Caitlin and Kimo visited it in 1996 (no “You Are Here” signs or fancy metal gates!).


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