Praise for A Moment of Time

An inspiring work of literature, exploring the quest for meaning, purpose and fulfilment in life, told through the gripping story of one woman’s struggle to heal herself following a major accident. Caitlin’s journey takes her beyond mere physical recovery, as the people she meets along the way offer a means to rebuild herself not just physically but spiritually and psychologically as well. Tarisa achieves this through skilful weaving of the plot, as Caitlin starts to accept that her inner self is just as damaged as her outer body. After a period of denial and resistance, filled with anger and despair, Caitlin’s paradigm shift begins.

  I read this book twice. Once following Catlin’s personal journey and a second time wondering about my own life journey. This book tackles the ‘big issue’ of living and existing in a fast-paced world that rarely allows time for true reflection. Tarisa explores how the conflict raised when denying our own dreams and core values, in order to follow the dreams and expectations of others, can leave us feeling isolated, anxious, incomplete and consumed by other people’s problems.

  Filled with engaging and fascinatingly flawed characters, A Moment of Time explores changing relationships and friendships as Caitlin starts to realise what and who is important to her.Tarisa never loses the grip on the story, drawing readers in and enabling them to share Caitlin’s journey of recovery. The people Caitlin meets on her way each leave an impression on her and provide her with a new resource to help rebuild herself.

  The journey Caitlin travels, in order to find herself again, addresses fundamental existential questions about the meaning, purpose and reason for living, prompting readers to question their own assumptions and core values. At times, particularly in relation to Kimo, too much theoretical detail is given, but this does not detract from the overall experience, which impacted me on an emotional as well as intellectual level. As a result, Caitlin’s story remained with me long after I turned the final page.

  An imaginative page-turner that has me waiting for the next instalment.

— Sheena Macleod, Author, Reign of the Marionettes

* * *

An intriguing book on the archetypal heroine’s journey that can be read on many levels. In the guise of fiction are many metaphysical insights. The author draws upon her extensive knowledge of ancient mythology in a way that is understandable to the modern reader. Her use of symbolism and metaphor creates an exciting tale about the redemptive powers of music. The story weaves together the main character’s spiritual journey with just the right dose of suspense.

Jeanne Martin, Ph.D., Cultural Mythologist and Professional Harpist

* * *

An impressive mix of history, myth, and contemporary issues seamlessly woven into an engaging story about spiritual awakening. By exploring the many facets of her main character’s mind, Jilaine Tarisa leads us step by step along the sometimes-arduous path toward self-actualization.

   Caitlin Rose is one of those rare individuals who look for meaning in adversity. Her thoughts range from the legal world in which she thrives to mystical and sometimes whimsical musings about the unanswerable questions that many of us ponder. From darkness and confusion emerges a wise and compassionate woman with a renewed sense of vitality and purpose.

    This inspiring story of courage and determination offers readers a glimpse of the challenges and gifts that await those who seek greater spiritual awareness and understanding.

— Riqua Serebreni, Ed.D., Psychotherapist (Disability Specialist) and Author of Ethics: A Global Approach for Mental Health Professionals  

* * *

Jilaine Tarisa presents a vibrant combination of intriguing characters, richly entwined logical/legal and mystical/spiritual plot components and a teasing play with historical, philosophical and musical coloration in this novel of a Washington lawyer turned soul seeker and would-be whistleblower. 

   From Irish shamanic ritual to American legal formalities (are they really all that different?) Justice Department attorney Caitlin Rose navigates her way through the aftermath of a body-crushing, spirit-numbing attack, tantalizing her love-struck suitor while sexually embracing her adversaries.

   Ms. Tarisa draws on her eclectic experience as a US Government attorney, practiced healing arts devotee, and psychic adventurer to serve up an arresting tale of modern self-actualization.   

James S. Turner, Attorney, Author of  The Chemical Feast:  The Nader Report on Food Protection at the FDA and co-author of Voice of the People:  The Transpartisan Imperative in American Life

 * * *

A Moment of Time is a compelling story of personal discovery that combines insight and intrigue, passion and suspense. What begins as a colorfully-haunting vacation abroad becomes an interior odyssey of the soul. Author Jilaine Tarisa weaves seemingly disparate tales, each complete in itself, within an overarching work of transformation. Her rich characterizations engaged my curiosity, and I eagerly anticipated what might be about to unfold. I found A Moment of Time hard to put down . . . and am called to read it again for its life wisdom, historical musings and entertainment value.

Gerry Fathauer, Certified Enneagram Teacher and Past President of the Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition

 * * *

 A Moment of Time is a metaphysical adventure story that describes the journey of Caitlin Rose, an up-and-coming young lawyer working for the Justice Department in Washington, D.C. Unknowingly, Caitlin creates an enemy when she speaks out against the pet case of her corrupt boss. Through an unfortunate chain of events, her world changes in an instant. Although tragic at first, the crisis forces Caitlin to take stock of her life. Has she really been living a life of her own choosing, or has she simply been acting out the desires of her parents and her culture? And what about the men in her life—has she been looking for love in the wrong places? 

   As her healing progresses, Caitlin finds that her values and belief systems are undergoing a transformation as deep as the one her body has been put through. She learns about meditation, music and sound as healing tools, and an approach to religion that is completely different than the one she was brought up with. As her consciousness expands, so does her quest for inner understanding. She’s being reborn on many levels. 
   Ms. Tarisa has written a complex and intriguing novel that carries the reader gracefully along Caitlin’s path of self-discovery. I truly enjoyed the journey and am excited to discover what happens next. 

Shaeri Richards, Author of Dancing with your Dragon: The Art of Loving your Unlovable Self 


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