“The Life You Write May Be Your Own” ~ A Short Story

Kindle ebook

Kindle ebook

Paula Prentis never gave much thought to what happens after death; she’s been too busy living—and working.

Three of Paula’s screenplays have been made into blockbuster motion pictures, and two others have been optioned by studios. Paula’s success has allowed her to purchase a spacious home in Naples, Florida, and has given her opportunities to travel to exotic locales during film shoots.

Now she’s working on a script about a woman who begins receiving communications from her deceased husband, and she’s stuck. Paula doesn’t believe in an afterlife, and the premise seems unrealistic. Her sister, though, is a believer. Andrea lives in an ashram, a lifestyle choice that never made sense to Paula.

The sisters haven’t spoken since their mother’s death three years earlier. Paula invites Andrea for a visit to discuss spiritual approaches to the afterlife.

Andrea’s visit may open old wounds, but it may also provide an opportunity to heal them.

“A very good story. I quickly went into another world and came back to this one a little wiser.”
–Todd Huston, author of More than Mountains: The Todd Huston Story

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